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Leflore County Board of Supervisors

The Board of Supervisors is the governing body of Leflore County. It consists of five members elected by the people every four years. The Board generally meets three times each month at the Court House.

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Leflore County Board of Supervisors
First Meeting of the Month
Monday, April 3, 2023

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First Posted on Tuesday, April 4, 2023 at 11:50 am

The Board approved the closure of County Road 22.

The board voted to move forward with setting up a line of credit of $10 million for use by the Greenwood Leflore Hospital. The banks will require the pledge of 5 mills of property tax over ten years to secure the line of credit, though if the full $10 million is not drawn down, the full millage might not have to be levied or spent.

The board tabled the approval of the January minutes.

The board was told that there is not enough money in the Use Tax fund to pay the invoices that the board voted to pay with the Use Tax fund. Apparently, the projections of money available and money spent were incorrect.

The board discussed a possible surveillance camera system. The proposal is to get started with 30 cameras.

Several different salary adjustments were approved.

The board approved a contract to hire an independent consultant to audit and review the hospital's finances. The costs will be split by Leflore County and the hospital. Supervisor Sam Abraham voted against the contract.

The board went into executive session to discuss potential litigation and a personnel matter, but no action was taken during the secret session.

At the end of the meeting, referring back to the litigation discussed in executive session, Mr. Abraham made a motion that the attorney work with the sheriff in the lawsuit discussed and look into bringing the county insurance and bond into play. It was never made clear what the litigation matter is, but the sheriff was recently sued to force him to arrest Mrs. Carolyn Donham in the kidnapping of Emmett Till in 1955. No charges are pending against Mrs. Donham, and arresting her at this point would be illegal.