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     Express Grain News Index    Thursday, June 20, 2024
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coverage of the Express Grain Bankruptcy

Thursday, June 20, 2024 3:02 pm

Index of TTC News Articles about the Express Grain bankruptcy:

06-20-2024John Coleman's sentencing in Express Grain fraud case put off again
02-22-2024URGENT: John Coleman pleads guilty to fraud in Express Grain collapse
02-12-2024URGENT: John Coleman set to change his not guilty plea in his federal criminal fraud case in the Express Grain collapse
11-07-2023Oxbow Crush lays off workers as Greenwood oil mill restart effort hits roadblocks
09-18-2023John Coleman's state criminal fraud trial put off again; bankruptcy court updates
09-04-2023Bankruptcy judge bars Express Grain lawyer from pursuing claims against former owners
07-25-2023Colemans claim attorney Craig Geno has a conflict of interest, want him off the Express Grain case
07-25-2023Express Grain Liquidating Trustee threatens to sue Dr. Michael Coleman
07-21-2023John Coleman's federal criminal trial put off until November 27, 2023
06-02-2023Creditors still scrambling to grab what's left of bankrupt Express Grain's money
05-25-2023Dr. Michael Coleman files $2.8 million expense claim against bankrupt Express Grain
05-12-2023New trustee on the trail of "discovered assets" in Express Grain president John Coleman's personal bankruptcy
03-31-2023Express Grain's president John Coleman's criminal trial put off
03-27-2023Bankruptcy court finally confirms Express Grain Plan of Liquidation
03-20-2023UMB Bank, Dr. Michael Coleman abruptly settle their $39 million lawsuit in the Express Grain collapse
03-13-2023Farmers, Don Barrett sue Horne CPA in the Express Grain collapse
03-02-2023Court orders Express Grain president John Coleman's personal bankruptcy into Chapter 7
02-14-2023Bankrupt Express Grain President John Coleman asks for continuance in his federal criminal case
12-28-2022Seven creditors of bankrupt Express Grain give up trying to collect $40+ million they are owed
12-16-2022Dr. Michael Coleman denies he owes what UMB Bank claims in Express Grain collapse
12-12-2022UMB Bank sues Dr. Michael Coleman for $38+ million in Express Grain collapse
12-07-2022Federal Court sets trial date for John Coleman in Express Grain collapse indictment; potential penalties disclosed
12-06-2022URGENT: Express Grain president John Coleman arrested by the FBI, indicted on multiple federal counts of wire fraud
12-06-2022URGENT: John Coleman arrested, indicted by Leflore County Grand Jury in Express Grain collapse
12-02-2022Court appointed Examiner and Lawyers run up a $120,000 bill in John Coleman's personal bankruptcy case
11-14-2022Bankrupt Express Grain still owes UMB Bank $35.8 million
10-24-2022Bankrupt Express Grain seeks to correct various problems with some of its previous court filings
10-06-2022Bankrupt Express Grain pays out $57.6 million to bank, finance companies, and a few farmers
10-05-2022Bankrupt Express Grain asks the court's permission to pay another $332,510 to CR3 management company; grand total approaches $2 million so far
09-19-2022US Bankruptcy Trustee files objection to Express Grain's liquidation plan disclosure
09-08-2022And then there were none: last farmer withdraws 557 grain claim in Express Grain bankruptcy
08-29-2022Coleman family members respond to bonding company's lawsuit regarding the Express Grain bankruptcy
08-22-2022Beware the claw backs: Express Grain threatens to sue its own creditors and other companies that did business with it
08-16-2022Express Grain bankruptcy saga inches forward - now there's only one farmer left
08-06-2022More property found in John Coleman's personal bankruptcy case; lawyer asks for $34,181.08 in legal costs
08-05-2022Bankrupt Express Grain dismisses challenge to revocation of its grain licenses; re-organization plan due August 15
07-28-2022Delta Grain Company now fully open for business at the bankrupt Express Grain's former warehouses
07-06-2022Farmers' Attorney Don Barrett continues to pursue UMB Bank in Express Grain debacle
07-05-2022Express Grain bankruptcy: now it's down to just five farmers contesting their grain interests
07-02-2022Express Grain bankruptcy updates: delinquent property taxes finally paid
06-23-2022Last legal obstacle removed from final sale of bankrupt Express Grain assets
06-22-2022Bankrupt Express Grain owes $72,000 in delinquent property taxes, despite benefiting from ten year exemptions
06-13-2022URGENT: UMB Bank transferring Express Grain assets to FSB Companies and Thoroughbred
06-10-2022Rumors fly about sale of bankrupt Express Grain assets by UMB Bank
06-07-2022Examiner granted access to federal files in the John Coleman bankruptcy case
06-03-2022Money owed to farmers for unpaid grain deliveries made to bankrupt Express Grain tops $49 million
06-02-2022MDA sues bankrupt Express Grain, claims falsified audit reports were submitted to obtain $750,000 grant
05-28-2022Bankrupt Express Grain president John Coleman asks court permission to sell his home for $560,000
05-27-2022Legal and professional fees top $2.19 million in Express Grain bankruptcy case
05-17-2022FBI seized over 100 boxes of documents from Express Grain during raid
05-13-2022Legal and professional fees top $980,000 in Express Grain bankruptcy case
05-13-2022More subpoenas issued in Don Barrett's lawsuit against UMB Bank concerning the Express Grain collapse
05-05-2022Express Grain asks bankruptcy court for permission to spend even more collateral cash through June 3rd
05-02-2022Express Grain Bankruptcy Court approves Settlement Agreement over disputed grain proceeds
04-28-2022Express Grain bankruptcy creditors scramble desperately to be paid, but to no avail
04-27-2022Travelers and Disclaiming Farmers each respond to contrary claims regarding the effect of the settlement agreement
04-26-2022Express Grain bankruptcy creditors await court ruling on the proposed settlement agreement
04-22-2022Confusion and danger in the run-up to Monday's hearing on the Express Grain settlement
04-22-2022Examiner in John Coleman's personal bankruptcy case seeks documents seized by the FBI
04-21-2022Travelers warns farmers they might not be able to claim against Express Grain's surety bonds
04-19-2022Travelers sues Colemans for bond in Express Grain bankruptcy case
04-15-2022Express Grain bankruptcy court finalizes sanctions against attorney Don Barrett
04-13-2022Express Grain settlement terms finally disclosed: farmers would receive only $9.25 million
04-13-2022URGENT: Court hits Express Grain president John Coleman with $71 million judgment in favor of UMB Bank
04-12-2022Express Grain settlement hits snag
04-11-2022Details of Express Grain bankruptcy auction finally revealed in final sales order by the court
04-08-2022URGENT: Settlement discussed in afternoon status conference in Express Grain bankruptcy case
04-04-2022Express Grain sues to claw back credit card charges made by its president John Coleman
04-01-2022Express Grain Bankruptcy Court denies Examiner's request for access to discovery data
03-31-2022UMB Bank legal bill presented in sanction order against Don Barrett; $4.4 million more owed for grain
03-29-2022Express Grain president John Coleman pleads the Fifth Amendment at his creditors meeting today
03-29-2022Express Grain bankruptcy claims total $214.5 million
03-26-2022Express Grain Owner Dr. Michael Coleman files claims for unpaid grain delivery, $5.6 million loan
03-25-2022Express Grain Bankruptcy Court sanctions Don Barrett in flap with UMB Bank
03-23-2022Bankrupt Express Grain president John Coleman answers questions at his creditors meeting
03-22-2022UMB Bank goes after attorney Don Barrett in Express Grain bankruptcy case
03-22-2022Express Grain appeals MS Department of Agriculture decision voiding its warehouse licenses for fraud
03-21-2022Farmers unhappy with Express Grain bankruptcy mediation efforts
03-19-2022Express Grain projects $4.8 million less in sequestered cash than previously estimated
03-17-2022Filings show Express Grain repeatedly stole soybeans it had sold to others for almost two years
03-15-2022BREAKING: Express Grain bankruptcy court sends grain determination to mediation
03-15-2022Express Grain bankruptcy produces hundreds of objections to claims on the missing soybeans
03-15-2022Express Grain president John Coleman's residence listed for sale
03-10-2022Express Grain president John Coleman will plead the 5th, his lawyer informs the court
03-08-2022Express Grain president John Coleman blows off creditors meeting today
03-07-2022Express Grain sold soybeans it didn't possess, records show
03-03-2022Production Lenders appeal key orders in the Express Grain bankruptcy
03-01-2022Final Determination Hearing in Express Grain Bankruptcy put off until March 31st
02-26-2022UMB Bank high bidder at Express Grain auction
02-25-2022Press excluded from Express Grain auction and sale hearing
02-24-2022Express Grain claims it has $41.6 million in "segregated accounts" collected to help pay off its creditors
02-24-2022URGENT: FBI raids Express Grain, John Coleman's home
02-23-2022Mississippi Development Authority files claim against bankrupt Express Grain for $750,000
02-17-2022Express Grain's president John Coleman missing from deposition
02-16-2022Bankruptcy Court orders auction of Express Grain assets on February 25
02-15-2022Strange filings today in Express Grain bankruptcy case
02-11-2022Express Grain requests to auction all its assets on February 25
02-10-2022URGENT: Mississippi Department of Agriculture VOIDS Express Grain warehouse licenses due to fraud
02-07-2022John Coleman, others to be deposed in Express Grain bankruptcy case
02-03-2022Hearing held on Express Grain licenses, decision likely next week
02-02-2022Unpaid Farmers prepare to question UMB Bank and others in Express Grain bankruptcy
02-01-2022John Coleman asks bankruptcy court to convert his case to Chapter 7
01-31-2022Farmers ask Court to throw out "illegal" warehouse receipts in Express Grain bankruptcy
01-25-2022UMB Bank levels new fraud accusations against John Coleman and Express Grain
01-21-2022Farmers ask court to liquidate Express Grain
01-20-2022Express Grain bankruptcy lawyers ask for $252,445.65 in legal fees and costs
01-19-2022Express Grain docs show apparent cover up of huge loss in 2020
01-18-2022Express Grain owes $60 million more than first believed to its creditors
01-17-2022Who paid for Express Grain's 15 new golf carts?
01-14-2022Express Grain seeks to sell all its assets, including 15 golf carts
01-13-2022Farmers double down in class action suit against UMB Bank in Express Grain failure
01-13-2022Bankruptcy Court rebukes John Coleman for "bad faith conduct" in his bankruptcy case
01-10-2022Express Grain employees told today they may be laid off, and the company shut down
01-07-2022UMB Bank: insider contacted us about suspicious Express Grain filings
01-06-2022Judge orders appointment of Examiner in John Coleman's personal bankruptcy case
01-05-2022UMB Bank, Express Grain ask court to protect Express Grain from MS Department of Agriculture fraud investigation
12-30-2021Judge approves Express Grain payment of $355,846.33 to restructuring consultants
12-29-2021John Coleman refuses to answer questions at creditors meeting
12-20-2021URGENT: Mississippi Department of Agriculture investigating Express Grain for false filings
12-20-2021Express Grain wants to borrow another $30 million
12-14-2021Express Grain asks to pay management costs of $465,751.58 to outside restructuring firm
11-19-2021Express Grain lawyer: farmers will not be fully paid for their grain deliveries
11-19-2021Express Grain bankruptcy filings show more than $115 million in debts