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Judge orders appointment of Examiner in John Coleman's personal bankruptcy case

Thursday, January 6, 2022, 1:25 pm News Flash Archive

At this morning's hearing, the attorney for John Coleman argued that the court should dismiss Coleman's personal bankruptcy case.

But instead, the court ordered that an Examiner be appointed to investigate the bankruptcy case.

According to the docket entry for the hearing:

Hearing Held. Bench ruling made by Court: Court orders the appointment of Examiner. Examiner to be set by the office of the UST pursuant to 11 USC 1104(a). Chambers to prepare order.

Bankruptcy Examiners in Chapter 11 Bankruptcy cases are unusual, but may be appointed to investigate allegations of fraud, among other reasons.

The MS Department of Agriculture and Commerce has objected to the dismissal of Mr. Coleman's personal bankruptcy case, because MDAC claims that Mr. Coleman may have been dishonest in submitting Express Grain audit reports to MDAC that MDAC claims were deliberately falsified. Based upon those altered audit reports, MDAC extended Express Grain's license to operate in mid 2021. John Coleman was president of the now bankrupt Express Grain at that time.

All the parties are awaiting the entry of the written order by the court to see whether any additional details or findings or reasoning is given by the judge for the appointment of the Examiner.

Coleman had previously refused to answer questions from his creditors at the Creditors Meeting held on November 24.

To read The Taxpayers Channel's original reporting on Mr. Coleman's personal bankruptcy case, see here: John Coleman refuses to answer questions at creditors meeting

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