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     News Flash Archive    Thursday, December 2, 2021
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2021-11-19Express Grain lawyer: farmers will not be fully paid for their grain deliveries
2021-11-19Express Grain bankruptcy filings show more than $115 million in debts
2021-11-1625% of Greenwood Leflore Hospital employees still unvaccinated
2021-11-12State Auditor demands repayment of $113,201 in illegal COVID-related expenditures by Leflore County supervisors
2021-11-11Former GLH Chief Nursing Officer moves to Starkville hospital
2021-11-10Greenwood Leflore Hospital maintains "B" Safety Grade
2021-10-19GLH monthly loss drops to $1.2 million in September, FY 2021 total loss of $14.4 million
2021-10-18Greenwood Leflore Hospital Chief Nursing Officer Gloria Boyd retires
2021-10-18Hospital files response to doctor's discrimination lawsuit
2021-09-21GLH monthly loss rose to $1.9 million in August, cash burn $1.35 million
2021-09-03Curtis Flowers sues District Attorney Doug Evans, three others for malicious prosecution
2021-08-17GLH slashes monthly loss to $1.1 million, cash burn $2.84 million for July
2021-08-16Large error found in Carrollton census numbers
2021-08-13Official 2020 Census figures - Greenwood population drops 1597 people, shrinks 9.9% since 2010
2021-08-02Dr. Preston Boles sues Greenwood Leflore Hospital, claims racial discrimination
2021-07-28GLH abruptly closes Neurosurgery Clinic
2021-07-20GLH posts $4.3 million operating loss for June, $10.2 million for first 9 months of fiscal year
2021-06-28Itta Bena Mayoral election contested
2021-06-22GLH posts May loss of $2.61 million, cash burn of $2.8 million
2021-06-21Leflore County lifts mask mandate
2021-05-31Greenwood losing a neurosurgeon
2021-05-27Greenwood population drops 128 people, shrinks 16.7% in 10 years
2021-05-27Woman found dead at Regency Inn in Greenwood
2021-05-18GLH posts April loss of $875,629, cash burn of $3.39 million
2021-04-29Greenwood Leflore Hospital "Safety Grade" improves to "B"
2021-04-21GLH posts March loss of $1.83 million
2021-04-20Greenwood City Council extends mandatory mask ordinance through June 15
2021-04-14Lusco's Restaurant announces its closing this year
2021-03-16February's ice and snow push Hospital monthly operating loss to $2.83 million
2021-03-08Mask Mandate renewed by Leflore County Supervisors
2021-03-02Court awards $500,000 to Curtis Flowers for 23 years of wrongful imprisonment
2021-03-01Payment to Curtis Flowers approved by Mississippi House of Representatives
2021-02-24Curtis Flowers sues state for wrongful imprisonment compensation
2021-02-23Hospital operating loss drops to $1.60 million for January
2021-01-19Hospital operating loss swells to $2.58 million for December
2021-01-19Greenwood Mayor Carolyn McAdams out with COVID-19
2020-12-15Hospital operating loss swells to $1.95 million for November
2020-12-15Greenwood Leflore Hospital "Safety Grade" Bumps up to "C"
2020-11-17Hospital patient revenue down $1.3 million compared to October 2019
2020-11-03Mississippi SOS asks for Attorney General's help following masking issue in Greenwood
2020-11-02Greenwood City Prosecutor will prosecute violations of masking ordinance at voting precincts tomorrow
2020-10-2510 shot, 2 killed in overnight Greenwood shooting rampage
2020-10-20Hospital Operating Loss for FY2020 was $17.6 million, total loss $783,000
2020-09-25Pizza Hut shut down for good in Greenwood, Winona
2020-09-15Hospital operating loss of $16.9 million so far this year
2020-08-18Hospital trims total losses to $1.3 million for the fiscal year
2020-07-28School board budget hearing could not be heard
2020-07-21Hospital in the black due to huge COVID CARES Act grants
2020-07-14Report on Hospital's future discussed in secret
2020-06-24Hospital Announces Permanent Closure of Three Satellite Clinics
2020-06-22Leflore County Supervisors vote to remove Confederate statue from court house lawn
2020-06-16Hospital Receives $5.75 million in COVID-19 CARES Act funding in May
2020-06-06Greenwood Citizens Protest George Floyd Murder
2020-05-21Greenwood population drops another 205 people, shrinks 16.1% in 9 years
2020-05-19No Arrest Yet in Lunchtime Saturday Hit and Run at the Crystal Grill
2020-05-19Hospital lost $5.2 million in March and April
2020-04-30Wayne Self Appeals Election Contest Loss to Supreme Court
2020-04-30Greenwood Leflore Hospital "Safety Grade" Falls to "D"
2020-04-15Another Church Sues Greenville, Mayor for Threats
2020-04-14Department of Justice Intervenes in Greenville Church Attack Case
2020-04-13Church Sues City of Greenville, Mayor after Police Bust up Church Service
2020-04-11KY Federal Judge: Louisville Mayor Cannot Shut Down Drive-in Church Services
2020-04-07Massive Flash Flooding on Grand Boulevard
2020-04-06Larry's Fish House Re-opens after Mayor McAdams Closed it Down
2020-03-17Hospital lost $775,000 in February; 3 new COVID-19 cases in Leflore County
2020-03-09City of Greenwood Settles Police Assault Torture Kidnapping Lawsuit for Undisclosed Amount
2020-03-07City of Greenwood Walks Back Lies it Told Federal Court in Bert Keys Assault/Torture Lawsuit
2020-02-25Judge Tosses Wayne Self's Election Contest
2020-02-24Supervisor District 4 Election Contest Begins
2020-02-18Hospital lost $190,324 in January
2020-02-05North New Summit School Founder, Son Indicted for Embezzlement
2020-01-21Hospital lost $256,109 in December
2019-12-30$2 million default judgment against deli owner set aside
2019-12-17Hospital lost $1.48 million in November
2019-11-19Hospital lost $189,956 in October
2019-11-08Did Hospital refuse to answer survey to hide negative safety scores?
2019-11-07Report: Greenwood Leflore Hospital declines to participate in national safety survey
2019-10-15GLH posts year-end loss of $7.87 million
2019-09-17Hospital losses for August smaller, cash balance drops
2019-09-17Leflore County schools receive 'F' grade - Again
2019-09-03Leflore County Farm Land Property Taxes Skyrocket - Here's Why
2019-09-02ATMOS damage to street, sidewalks finally repaired
2019-08-20Hospital Loses $733,336 in July
2019-07-16Hospital Loses $1.5 Million in June
2019-06-24City of Greenwood Makes False Statements to the Federal Court in Bert Keys Lawsuit
2019-06-21URGENT: US Supreme Court overturns Curtis Flowers Murder Conviction by 7-2 vote
2019-06-04Ricky Powers elected as new Hospital Board Chairman
2019-05-23Greenwood population drops another 200 people, shrinks 14.7% in 8 years
2019-05-21Greenwood Leflore Hospital lost $787,000 in April
2019-05-15Greenwood Leflore Hospital given "D" Safety Rating in national study
2019-05-15Another Doctor Leaving Greenwood Leflore Hospital
2019-04-16Hospital lost $317,641 in March
2019-04-11Exonerated Taser Victim sues Greenwood Police
2019-03-19Hospital Lost $1.16 million in February
2019-03-05Hemorrhage of Hospital Doctors Continues
2019-03-04Sheriff Walker's Statement re: Friday evening triple murder
2019-02-18Hospital Fired Five Doctors in Recent Years
2019-01-31URGENT: Hospital Fires Beloved Long-time Doctor
2019-01-03Greenwood population drops below 14,000, shrinks 13.4% in 7 years
2018-12-05Military investigators: plane crash was preventable
2018-10-30Leflore County Emergency Management Director Fred Randle sues county, sheriff department
2018-10-24Tempers flare as GLH losses balloon to $9.5 million
2018-08-21Citizens outraged as Hospital Board ignores questions, expels public from meeting
2018-08-21UPDATE: Hospital strips surgeon's credential off sign, website
2018-08-21Greenwood Surgeon's Credentials Questioned
2018-08-17Reports: UMMC withdraws GLH affiliation proposals
2018-05-31A.G. says Hospital Board Illegally Appointed
2018-03-21Hospital Board fires CEO Jim Jackson
2017-12-29Explosion tears through peanut warehouse
2017-12-29Peanut warehouse fully involved in blaze
2017-12-29Peanut warehouse on fire in Industrial Park
2017-12-14State Auditor rates Greenwood Leflore Hospital POOR in financial strength assessment
2017-11-08Doctors protest being "locked out" of hospital decision making
2017-10-19Leflore County schools receive 'F' grade
2017-05-22Latest Victim Sues Greenwood Police Officer
2017-04-13Viking socked with $4.65 Million Product Safety Penalty
2017-04-12Judge Denies Camera Coverage in Leflore County Trial
2017-03-21Democrats Boot Glenn from Ballot
2017-03-03Federal Court Dismisses Arnold Smith's Bankruptcy
2016-11-03URGENT: Arnold Smith ordered released from state mental hospital
2016-10-31Greenwood City Council declines to adopt "Gay Rights" ordinance
2016-10-20Arnold Smith loses lawsuit to remove Attorney General from office
2016-10-20Another Arnold Smith lawsuit thrown out
2016-10-20Greenwood, Leflore County schools receive 'D' grades
2016-10-14Reckless Driving by Greenwood City Garbage Trucks Continues
2016-10-11Beware Reckless Garbage Trucks in Greenwood
2016-09-23Tulane Docs recommend Dr. Arnold Smith's release from Whitfield
2016-09-21Court filing suggests Arnold Smith may soon be released from Whitfield
2016-09-16Man indicted for Mexican Mafia hit shake-down of Lee Abraham
2016-08-15No investigation in latest illegal arrest
2016-07-14Greenwood, Leflore County schools receive 'D' grades
2016-06-27Another illegal arrest by Greenwood police thrown out by judge
2016-06-22Hinds County DA Arrested, Charged by AG
2016-06-08Census Bureau quietly revises Greenwood 2010 census numbers up 5.8%
2016-06-07Greenwood Shrinks 4.1% in 5 Years
2016-05-24Greenwood Police Officer Arrested for DUI
2016-05-09Montrell Greene sues Greenwood Public School District, 3 Board Members
2016-04-22Greenwood Sales Tax Increase Dies
2016-03-24Perkins Appeals McAdams Election Contest Victory
2016-03-08Affidavit in Barr Arrest Signed by Greenwood Police Officer
2016-03-08Jelani Barr Arrested for Facebook Post
2016-03-07Federal Judge sends Abraham v. Smith back to state court for trial
2016-02-27Carroll County Home Invasion Suspects Caught, Jailed
2016-02-26Judge Rejects McAdams' Demand for Sanctions against Perkins
2016-01-08Troy Brown Suit against the County Settled
2016-01-04School Board fires Superintendent Montrell Greene
2015-12-15Court Refuses to Throw Out Troy Brown Lawsuit against Leflore County Supervisors
2015-12-08Greenwood Leflore Hospital Sues Collection Company, Claims $380,000 in Fraudulent Over-billings
2015-12-05Three Years Later, Family Seeks Answers in Death of Jennifer Larry
2015-12-03TTC Publishes Senator Melanie Sojourner Senate Election Contest Petition
2015-10-13Greenwood Settles Jelani Barr Civil Rights Lawsuit
2015-10-02Court Throws Out Perkins Election Contest
2015-10-02TTC's Perkins v. McAdams trial video coverage continues
2015-09-30Perkins v. McAdams trial video posted
2015-09-11Police Video Confirms Cops Lied in Barr Arrest
2015-09-07Judge gives go-ahead to Abraham Lawsuit Against Arnold Smith
2015-09-07Trustee Claims Arnold Smith Bankruptcy Filed in Bad Faith
2015-08-28Greenwood, Policemen sued for illegal arrest
2015-08-22Citizens Rally for the State Flag
2015-08-19Perkins demands McAdams pay legal fees
2015-08-18Greenwood City Council votes to ban state flag
2015-08-15Citizens to be Barred from Speaking at Council Meeting on Flag Removal
2015-08-14Flag Removal on Tuesday's City Council Agenda
2015-08-13Final Certified Primary Election Results
2015-08-13State Flag Back Up this Morning
2015-08-11State Flag Taken Down This Morning
2015-08-10Leflore County Supervisors Vote to Remove State Flag from Courthouse
2015-08-03Court Rejects City's Gambit, Dismisses Case against Barr
2015-07-30Judge Slaps Down Mayor McAdams Bid to Toss Election Contest
2015-07-20City Refuses to Finally Dismiss Case against Barr
2015-07-20City Files False Statements in Barr Prosecution
2015-07-01Greenwood sets Jelani Barr trial date for August 3rd
2015-06-16City Council declines to appeal election contest legal fees
2015-06-12City Council to consider appealing election contest fee
2015-05-27Court bars City from paying Mayor's election contest lawyers
2015-05-26Holmes County charges against Jelani Barr dismissed today
2015-05-19Video posted of Hey's address, Council's discussion of anti-civil rights ordinance
2015-05-19Arrest of Citizens who ridicule the Police is official Greenwood City Policy
2015-05-18Mayor McAdams loses fight to toss election contest
2015-05-18Greenwood fires police officer in Jelani Barr arrest
2015-05-12Secret documents show 2nd Police Officer lied about Jelani Barr arrest
2015-05-12Police abuse victim barred from disciplinary hearing
2015-05-0926% failure rate for Greenwood Public Schools 3rd grade reading exam
2015-05-06Explosive Allegations in Arnold Smith murder-for-hire case
2015-04-21Video: Hey calls for prosecution of police officer in Jelani Barr arrest
2015-04-21Greenwood refuses access to Jelani Barr arrest videos
2015-04-21BREAKING: Police Officer suspended pending investigation of Barr arrest
2015-04-18Video of Election Contest Hearing - Perkins vs. McAdams
2015-04-09Citizen Video refutes Police Chief Moore's statements
2015-04-08Ex Police Officer S C Perkins sues city, mayor
2015-04-07Dustup over East Elementary polling place
2015-03-31Dr. Arnold Smith files for Bankruptcy
2015-03-18Double Dose of Bad News for Greenwood
2015-03-16Monster Greenwood Zoning/Development Ordinance set for adoption
2015-03-16Greenwood to impose criminal sanctions under new garbage laws
2015-03-12Affidavit filed against Larry "Kite" Johnson
2015-02-28More Leflore County Candidates Qualify
2015-01-09Judge's Recusal Order from Election Contest
2015-01-07Monday's Mayoral election contest in limbo
2015-01-05Supervisor Phil Wolfe will not seek re-election in 2015
2014-12-17Leflore County Deputy Sheriff arrested for narcotics trafficking
2014-12-16Perkins files election contest in Circuit Judge race
2014-12-03Perkins' ballot box inspection announced in Circuit Judge race
2014-12-02Commonwealth sez Powell beats Smith by 1 vote!
2014-11-20Ballot box inspection in Leflore County Circuit Judge race
2014-11-13Curtis Flowers death penalty upheld by MS Sup Ct
2014-10-23Dorothy Glenn finally removed from city council by Supreme Court ruling today
2014-10-01November trial set in hush-hush ARSON of Abraham Gas Station
2014-09-29Perkins/McAdams Election CONTEST sent back to state court
2014-08-14Troy Brown Sues Leflore County for First Amendment violations
2014-07-21School District files preemptive lawsuit against Mississippi Department of Education
2014-07-03BREAKING: First Published Certified Run-off Results Show Cochran widening lead
2014-06-11Dulin discrimination award against Hospital Board upheld by 5th Circuit
2014-01-21Chief denounces Mayor McAdams as a liar, devil
2014-01-21Jennings: Jordan "too old to have his butt whipped"
2014-01-14Press illegally excluded from Supervisors Board Meeting
2014-01-13Meltdown at Board of Supervisors meeting
2013-11-25Perkins' withdrawal OK'd by Supreme Court
2013-11-23Arnold Smith's alleged accomplice Derrick Lacy talks to the police
2013-11-20Arnold Smith to claim insanity
2013-11-16Fireworks erupt in Arnold Smith murder-for-hire cases
2013-11-06City passes sign ordinance
2013-11-05Restrictive Sign Ordinance set for vote this afternoon
2013-10-24State Take-over of Leflore County School system OK'd by Supreme Court
2013-10-11Sign Ordinance on study agenda - again
2013-08-29MS Supreme Court UNANIMOUSLY UPHOLDS HB2/"Open Carry"
2013-08-17Greenwood to demolish "historic" Russell Building
2013-07-25Perkins-McAdams Election Contest fireworks
2013-06-24Perkins lawsuit to overturn election
2013-06-24Sheriel Perkins files election contest
2013-05-25Election Contest Hearing concludes
2013-05-24Powell vs. Glenn Election Contest
2013-04-09Blow-up, resignation rocks school board meeting
2013-04-05Hotel Tax for Russell Bldg Renovation dies
2013-04-05Katrina house donation bill fails
2013-02-2022.7% pay increase for the City Council
2013-02-20City Council votes to raise its salary
2013-02-01Miss Supreme Court denies Arnold Smith petitions for recusal
2013-01-17Federal Court throws out Arnold Smith lawsuit against AG, DA
2012-12-31Viking Range sold for $380 million to Middleby Corp.
2012-12-20Transcript of Derrick Lacy police interview released!
2012-12-14Jesse Ross sues Greenwood Utilities for racial discrimination
2012-12-12Hospital appeals Dulin discrimination judgment
2012-11-30Arnold Smith sues AG Hood, District Attorneys in Federal Court
2012-11-24Dulin verdict against Hospital upheld by Court
2012-11-08City Council rejects Hospital sale RFP
2012-10-04Leflore County Ballot update
2012-10-03Election Commission Chairman fails to print ballots by deadline
2012-09-14Video posted of Hospital Sale hearing
2012-09-14Local Public Schools show poor scores
2012-09-05Wolfe questions if the hospital should be sold
2012-08-28Margie Pulley resigns as city school superintendent
2012-08-09Hospital report released
2012-08-03Arnold Smith counter-sues Lee Abraham
2012-07-20Arnold Smith barred from medical practice in Mississippi
2012-07-20Supreme Court Denies Arnold Smith Bail Request
2012-07-18AG Opinion Decimates Peoples' Petition
2012-07-09Election Commission petitions in doubt
2012-06-28Time Machine: a warning about Justice Roberts in 2005
2012-06-26Papers reveal more details about Lous' arrest and lawsuit
2012-06-23Update on Lou Grocery Store suit
2012-05-16TTC posts video of Dr. Smith's hearing
2012-05-16Video of murder plot shown in court this am!
2012-05-07Explosive Letter from Arnold Smith to Governor Bryant
2012-05-05Exclusive Arnold Smith video from 2005
2012-04-28Leflore County, Pizza Hut sued for ADA violations
2012-04-12Dulin wins discrimination suit against Hospital
2012-01-02Carroll County Sheriff sued over shooting
2011-12-20Brown wins machine vote
2011-12-05Special Election on December 20th!
2011-11-18Judge orders new election in Ratliff/Brown dispute
2011-11-10Court papers fly in Sanders auto wreck
2011-10-01Supreme Court tosses Ratliff appeal
2011-09-27Judge orders Anjuan Brown placed on ballot
2011-09-16Ratliff / Brown / Ross Election hearing video posted
2011-09-08Judge tosses Democrat hearing results
2011-09-07Democrat Committee factions issue two conflicting decisions
2011-09-06Judge Quashes Subpoenas in election contest
2011-08-30Ratliff stops hearing with court order!
2011-08-30Details emerge in Ratliff election contest
2011-08-22Preston Ratliff files election challenge
2011-08-18Lawsuit Filed in animal seizure case
2011-05-17Delta Apartments sold without county involvement
2011-04-28Supreme Court upholds McAdams v. Littleton
2011-01-12Kevin Adams alleges fraud by Fred Clark and Solomon Osborne
2010-12-21Special Judge appointed for election contest
2010-11-23Deadline passes for Fred Clark's election contest
2010-11-05Kevin Adams beats Fred Clark
2010-08-26Docs show Delta Apts to cost County > $5 MILLION
2010-05-25Jordan, Moore, and Perkins seek to overturn consent decree
2010-02-17North Greenwood polling place in jeopardy
2010-02-16What the proposed Sign Regulations say
2010-02-16Some Facts about the Anti-sign Ordinance
2010-01-08School Board Chairman owes $33K in delinquent property taxes
2010-01-05Mayor's School Board Appointee Rejected
2009-09-25GLH Board's Explanation for firing Jerry Adams
2009-09-22GLH Board Fires Jerry Adams
2008-08-21Robert Moore added to lawsuit by Dulin against Hospital Board
2008-06-13Dulin sues the Greenwood Leflore Hospital for reverse discrimination
2000-12-12Judge Tosses Lawsuit Against Circuit Clerk