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     Hospital News Index    Thursday, December 2, 2021
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coverage of Greenwood Leflore Hospital

Thursday, December 2, 2021 6:38 pm

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TTC Video Coverage of Hospital Board Meetings

Index of TTC News Articles about the Hospital:

11-16-2021:25% of Greenwood Leflore Hospital employees still unvaccinated
11-11-2021:Former GLH Chief Nursing Officer moves to Starkville hospital
11-10-2021:Greenwood Leflore Hospital maintains "B" Safety Grade
10-19-2021:GLH monthly loss drops to $1.2 million in September, FY 2021 total loss of $14.4 million
10-18-2021:Greenwood Leflore Hospital Chief Nursing Officer Gloria Boyd retires
10-18-2021:Hospital files response to doctor's discrimination lawsuit
09-21-2021:GLH monthly loss rose to $1.9 million in August, cash burn $1.35 million
08-17-2021:GLH slashes monthly loss to $1.1 million, cash burn $2.84 million for July
08-02-2021:Dr. Preston Boles sues Greenwood Leflore Hospital, claims racial discrimination
07-28-2021:GLH abruptly closes Neurosurgery Clinic
07-20-2021:GLH posts $4.3 million operating loss for June, $10.2 million for first 9 months of fiscal year
06-22-2021:GLH posts May loss of $2.61 million, cash burn of $2.8 million
05-31-2021:Greenwood losing a neurosurgeon
05-18-2021:GLH posts April loss of $875,629, cash burn of $3.39 million
04-29-2021:Greenwood Leflore Hospital "Safety Grade" improves to "B"
04-21-2021:GLH posts March loss of $1.83 million
03-16-2021:February's ice and snow push Hospital monthly operating loss to $2.83 million
02-23-2021:Hospital operating loss drops to $1.60 million for January
01-19-2021:Hospital operating loss swells to $2.58 million for December
12-15-2020:Hospital operating loss swells to $1.95 million for November
12-15-2020:Greenwood Leflore Hospital "Safety Grade" Bumps up to "C"
11-17-2020:Hospital patient revenue down $1.3 million compared to October 2019
10-20-2020:Hospital Operating Loss for FY2020 was $17.6 million, total loss $783,000
09-15-2020:Hospital operating loss of $16.9 million so far this year
08-18-2020:Hospital trims total losses to $1.3 million for the fiscal year
07-21-2020:Hospital in the black due to huge COVID CARES Act grants
07-14-2020:Report on Hospital's future discussed in secret
06-24-2020:Hospital Announces Permanent Closure of Three Satellite Clinics
06-16-2020:Hospital Receives $5.75 million in COVID-19 CARES Act funding in May
05-19-2020:Hospital lost $5.2 million in March and April
04-30-2020:Greenwood Leflore Hospital "Safety Grade" Falls to "D"
03-17-2020:Hospital lost $775,000 in February; 3 new COVID-19 cases in Leflore County
02-18-2020:Hospital lost $190,324 in January
01-21-2020:Hospital lost $256,109 in December
12-17-2019:Hospital lost $1.48 million in November
11-19-2019:Hospital lost $189,956 in October
11-08-2019:Did Hospital refuse to answer survey to hide negative safety scores?
11-07-2019:Report: Greenwood Leflore Hospital declines to participate in national safety survey
10-15-2019:GLH posts year-end loss of $7.87 million
09-17-2019:Hospital losses for August smaller, cash balance drops
08-20-2019:Hospital Loses $733,336 in July
07-16-2019:Hospital Loses $1.5 Million in June
06-04-2019:Ricky Powers elected as new Hospital Board Chairman
05-21-2019:Greenwood Leflore Hospital lost $787,000 in April
05-15-2019:Greenwood Leflore Hospital given "D" Safety Rating in national study
05-15-2019:Another Doctor Leaving Greenwood Leflore Hospital
04-16-2019:Hospital lost $317,641 in March
03-19-2019:Hospital Lost $1.16 million in February
03-05-2019:Hemorrhage of Hospital Doctors Continues
02-18-2019:Hospital Fired Five Doctors in Recent Years
01-31-2019:URGENT: Hospital Fires Beloved Long-time Doctor
10-24-2018:Tempers flare as GLH losses balloon to $9.5 million
08-21-2018:Citizens outraged as Hospital Board ignores questions, expels public from meeting
08-21-2018:UPDATE: Hospital strips surgeon's credential off sign, website
08-21-2018:Greenwood Surgeon's Credentials Questioned
08-17-2018:Reports: UMMC withdraws GLH affiliation proposals
05-31-2018:A.G. says Hospital Board Illegally Appointed
03-21-2018:Hospital Board fires CEO Jim Jackson
12-14-2017:State Auditor rates Greenwood Leflore Hospital POOR in financial strength assessment
11-08-2017:Doctors protest being "locked out" of hospital decision making
12-08-2015:Greenwood Leflore Hospital Sues Collection Company, Claims $380,000 in Fraudulent Over-billings
06-11-2014:Dulin discrimination award against Hospital Board upheld by 5th Circuit
12-12-2012:Hospital appeals Dulin discrimination judgment
11-24-2012:Dulin verdict against Hospital upheld by Court
11-08-2012:City Council rejects Hospital sale RFP
09-14-2012:Video posted of Hospital Sale hearing
09-05-2012:Wolfe questions if the hospital should be sold
08-09-2012:Hospital report released
04-12-2012:Dulin wins discrimination suit against Hospital
09-25-2009:GLH Board's Explanation for firing Jerry Adams
09-22-2009:GLH Board Fires Jerry Adams
08-21-2008:Robert Moore added to lawsuit by Dulin against Hospital Board
06-13-2008:Dulin sues the Greenwood Leflore Hospital for reverse discrimination