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More About The Taxpayers Channel

The Taxpayers Channel is a public interest, educational organization incorporated in the State of Mississippi as a non-profit corporation. Its purpose is to provide video coverage of local governmental and other public events in the Greenwood and Leflore County surroundings, as well as additional materials of an educational and entertainment nature.

History - in 1991, a group of concerned citizens saw a need for more public awareness in our community regarding activities in local government. Led by Howard Stanton and his wife Mary Ann, they organized The Taxpayers Channel. The motto for the group is, "An Informed Citizen is a Better Citizen."

The Channel went "on the air" in early Summer 1992. For almost 30 years, The Taxpayers Channel has recorded and presented thousands of hours of video coverage of local events. For the first twelve years, the programs were broadcast in the evenings on the local cable television franchise.

Funding and Support - During all these years, The Taxpayers Channel has been operated by volunteers and paid for by the generous contributions of local sponsors, both private citizens and businesses.

Program Variety - The Taxpayers Channel has recorded and broadcast a wide variety of events - including Board of Supervisor and City Council meetings, School Board meetings, religious services, School programs, graduations, and plays, concerts and band festivals, Christmas parades and civic club meetings, political debates, flower shows, and local charity fundraising events,

Founders - The Taxpayers Channel has been blessed with dedicated service from a number of public spirited individuals. In addition to the vision and spade work done by Howard and Mary Ann Stanton, Mr. William E. Hardy provided early help in organizing the effort. Mr. Johnny Jennings served as The Channel's first videographer in the early 1990s, and was instrumental in helping obtain the early sponsors for the work. Mr. Kenneth Reynolds also provided important assistance on the business side of the enterprise.

Management - Since its founding, The Taxpayers Channel has been managed by Mr. John Pittman Hey, who has served as program producer and scheduler for the programming. Mr. Hey has also been responsible for The Channel's move toward all-digital production and the launching of this video web site.

Future Plans - In addition to expanding the events we cover, The Taxpayers Channel will be adding a 'Viewer Comments' section, a Community Calendar, and various photograph albums of scenes from Leflore County.