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Express Grain bankruptcy lawyers ask for $252,445.65 in legal fees and costs

Thursday, January 20, 2022, 6:38 pm News Flash Archive

Today, Express Grain bankruptcy attorney Craig Geno filed a request with the bankruptcy court to approve payment by Express Grain of legal fees and costs amounting to $252,445.65.

The request to the court may be seen here: Application to pay legal costs, etc.

The lion's share of the quarter million dollar request is for Mr. Geno's hours, which he bills at a rate of $400 per hour. Mr. Geno's part totals $197,860.00, for 494.65 hours worked.

The remainder of the payment being requested covers the time spent by two legal associates, along with a little over $5000 in costs.

The itemization of the hours being billed may be seen here: Legal costs itemization

The time period covered by the billing runs from September 28, 2021 through January 19, 2022.

The Court has set a hearing on this matter for March 3, 2022.

This request for payment comes after the court recently approved the payment of $355,846.33 to CR3, the firm Express Grain hired to help "restructure" the company. That payment only covered work done through November 13, 2021.

See our reporting on this matter here: Judge approves Express Grain payment of $355,846.33 to restructuring consultants

We can expect more requests for substantial payments to these same professionals to be filed shortly.

John Pittman Hey
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