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Greenwood City Council

The Greenwood City Council is the legislative body that governs the city of Greenwood. The executive power is held by a Mayor who is elected by the people every four years, along with the seven council members. The City Council generally meets twice each month at the City Hall.

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Greenwood City Council
Dilapidated Housing Meeting
Thursday, November 4, 2004

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First Posted on Monday, May 1, 2006 at 11:26 am
The Council discussed the means by which the abandoned cemetaries in South Greenwood might be restored and maintained. The regular monthly dilapidated housing hearing was held. The Council disputed over the purchase of a new vehicle for fire and law enforcement, the concern being that new vehicles were not being placed on the street where they are needed. A long discussion was held on the upcoming municipal elections, and the need for the political parties to establish municipal committees to conduct the primaries. City Clerk Deirdre Mayes related that neither the Republican nor Democrat parties have functioning committees, which must be established for candidates to stand for election as Republicans or Democrats.