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Leflore County Board of Supervisors

The Board of Supervisors is the governing body of Leflore County. It consists of five members elected by the people every four years. The Board generally meets three times each month at the Court House.

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Leflore County Board of Supervisors
Final Meeting of the Month
Monday, June 24, 2024

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First Posted on Monday, June 24, 2024 at 6:15 pm

Ordinance Officer Bernard Wiggins requested approval to clean and clear dilapidated property at 421 Winchester Street.

County Administrator Leroy Ware requested the board to approve Johnny Gary Jr. to sign requisitions for the circuit clerk's office, the county court, and elections.

He also requested approval to appoint Mr. Gary and Ms. Hibbler to the positions of records restoration for their respective offices.

He also requested salary increases for four deputy tax assessor clerks in his office.

The board voted to adopt the July 4th state holiday proclamation by Governor Reeves.

The board was asked to finally approve the tax exemption for Hickok-Waekon.

Johnny Gary Jr. reported to the board that he has now filed his required financial report and repaid the county for money he received that exceeded the fee cap imposed by the legislature on Chancery Clerks.

The sheriff requested a pay increase for one deputy, and the salary increase for himself as approved by the state legislature.

The April 2024 minutes were presented to the board for approval, but the board tabled the request.

The Future Champions Sports Hall of Fame requested a $2500 donation.

Lee Hall requested that the county purchase $1200 of advertising for his media operation in Greenwood. The request was tabled.

The road manager asked to hire three heavy equipment operators.

The county engineer led a discussion of the Jail Security System.