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Dulin verdict against Hospital upheld by Court

Saturday, November 24, 2012, 12:34 pm News Flash Archive

Earlier this week, Federal District Court Judge Sharion Aycock rejected efforts by the Greenwood Leflore County Hospital Board to have the verdict of racial discrimination won by George Dulin set aside or modified.

Earlier this year, a jury in George Dulin's federal discrimination lawsuit ruled that the Hospital Board had discriminated against him when it fired him as board attorney in part because he is white.

The jury awarded Dulin $82,000 for lost wages, emotional distress, etc.

The Board petitioned the Judge to set aside the jury verdict, order a new trial, or lower the amount the jury had awarded Dulin for the racial discrimination by the Hospital Board. In her most recent order, the Judge refused their petitions, and upheld in full the judgment in Dulin's favor.

Here is a link to the Judge's order: Court Opinion Upholding Dulin Verdict

Under the federal law used to sue the Hospital Board, Dulin also will, in all likelihood, recover his substantial legal costs and attorneys fees. Remember, he had to take his case to the 5th Circuit on appeal to get the trial court judge reversed and to allow his case to proceed to verdict. Those legal costs are going to sting far worse than the $82,000 the Hospital has to fork over in direct damages.

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John Pittman Hey
The Taxpayers Channel

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