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More Doctors fired by Greenwood Leflore Hospital

Thursday, June 30, 2022, 4:41 pm News Flash Archive

Dr. Raymond Girnys and Dr. Alain Domkam, two long-time surgeons employed by Greenwood Leflore Hospital, were fired on May 17, 2022, and told their last day to work would be June 17.

Both doctors had a general surgery practice at the Delta Surgical Clinic at the hospital. That clinic was also closed.

In addition, both Dr. Domkam and Dr. Girnys ran the hospital's Wound Care Center, where patients receive treatment for wounds that will not heal on their own. Diabetic patients often develop such life-threatening wounds, and Girnys and Domkam, along with their staff, provided therapy for such wounds.

The hospital scrubbed the Delta Surgical Clinic from its website several weeks ago, and then finally removed Domkam and Girnys completely several days ago.

The Wound Care Center is still operating, under the auspices of a Nurse Practitioner from an outside agency. Dr. Roger Blake, who lives in Cleveland, is helping to oversee the Wound Care Center. Dr. Blake is a part-time surgeon that works at GLH, along with hospitals in Ruleville and Cleveland.

Dr. Girnys, a well-respected surgeon, was elected by the entire medical staff to be its chief in 2019-2020. He had been employed at GLH for 17 years when he was abruptly terminated in mid-May. He and his wife moved to Greenwood from New Jersey in 2005.

Girnys stated that he is not retiring, and is pursuing plans to work with an outside company to run a private practice wound care and surgery clinic in Greenwood.

Firing doctors has become a routine matter at GLH. See our previous reporting here:

GLH abruptly closes Neurosurgery Clinic

Hemorrhage of Hospital Doctors Continues

Meanwhile, the Pain Management Center at GLH abruptly closed last Thursday, June 23rd. Most of the staff were notified it was their last day, even though the hospital had previously announced, in a letter to its patients, that the clinic would be open until July 8th. See our previous reporting here: GLH Pain Management Center set to close

At least one out-of-state company is considering opening a private pain clinic in Greenwood, but so far no definite plans have been announced publicly.

GLH has been on the ropes financially for years. The last financial report issued was for April 2022. The cash reserves were down to a thin $6.5 million, and the hospital lost $1.9 million that month. See our previous reporting here: GLH Board Member says the hospital minutes are incomplete, plans to file ethics complaint

The hospital board of trustees is supposed to hold its belated June meeting tomorrow, July 1st, at 11:30 am.

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