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  News Flash   Greenwood fires police officer in Jelani Barr arrest
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Greenwood City Council
Regular Monthly Meeting
Tuesday, May 19, 2015
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Running Time 67 min
First Posted on Wednesday, May 20, 2015 at 8:20 am

The Council heard from Thomas Gregory about the recodification of the city's Ordinances and a rewriting of the laws governing junkyards.

Barbara Gray addressed the Council regarding the uncut grass and weeds along the Bypass.

John Pittman Hey addressed the Greenwood City Council about the illegal arrest of community activist Jelani Barr. He reviewed the fact that two police officers lied on their reports to justify arresting Barr.

He confronted the council with the fact that, according to the council's official minutes, it is the official policy of the city of Greenwood to arrest citizens who "insult, deride, [or] ridicule" the police.

Hey pointed out that the policy was adopted as part of a package by the city on June 21, 1963, as a way to target and criminalize civil rights protestors. The city on that day outlawed all unpermitted protests on sidewalks and streets, and made it a crime to insult, curse, ridicule, etc., the police.

Calling such laws "a filthy stain" on the history of Greenwood, Hey urged the Council to repeal the law, and to ensure that police officers are trained that they cannot arrest citizens merely because they express disdain for or criticize the police.

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